Imbz Beauty; Brand New Hydration Mask Review

Imbz Beauty Customer Review

By Lee Yann

Hi everyone, how are you been doing? Don’t forget we’re in the Recovery Movement Control (in Malaysia) and works are picking up. (You should be grateful if you’re still working). No matter what situation is just remember to take care of yourself first (health, safety and of course beauty). 

Recently, imbz a brand made in Malaysia has introduce a new beauty mask in the town (imbz pronounce as ‘I’m busy’). I love placing on mask when I feel I need the benefit instantly or when I feel like lazy to apply skin care step by step. Otherwise my beauty mask regime is at least once every week. Let’s see 2 type of new brand mask manufactured. 

I have tried both mask and it has the same sheet texture. Both provide almost the similar effects of hydration right immediately. But for more soothing effects I find it in imbz Aquagenius Coldmed Mask. It’s best to choose to use during acne visiting time as I want to reduce the redness site. While during the hot day, my skin feel dryer then I’ll opt for imbz Infinite Hyaluronic Acid Silk Mask.

The great effects about it is the make up application is so easy on the hydrated and smooth surface for a few days. 
So to my conclusion both mask are good on me and I appreciate each of it. Thank you imbz for introducing this mask to me. Support Malaysian made products. 

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