Imbz Infinite Hyaluronic Acid Silk Mask Review By Ashley

World 1st Ultimate Hydrating Mask

As someone who has dehydrated and oily skin, I’m always seeking for solutions to maintain my skin’s hydration. Recently I got to try out the Imbz Infinite Hyaluronic Acid Silk Mask, which is the world’s first hyaluronic mask with 8 types of HA!

The sheet mask is really thin and I love how it’s not like the regular paper sheet masks that tear easily. It adheres really nicely to the skin and it doesn’t get too soaked with essence that it overflows and streams down my neck.

After removing the mask, the first thing I noted was that my skin instantly felt firmer. My skin absorbed the essence really well, it felt really hydrating but also not too sticky that it made me feel uncomfortable. It also has a soothing effect especially on some of the inflamed areas on my skin. Even on the next morning after cleansing my skin, it still felt really hydrating and my skin was so soft and smooth.

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